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Fuck Social Media

I'm quitting the social media, for a while, not because I'm depressed or had a heartbreak, which most of the people might assume as one of the reasons for going off from these shit sites.

One of the backlogs from many is that I feel anxious about so many things when I'm on it. I don't know why. The small activities of people make me feel weird from the inside. I don't want to understand these people, but, my habit of paying attention to even the small things ends up making me do which I don't want to.

I won't put morality above everything and say that I don't have any problem with people when the truth is - most of them are cunts. I dislike people, a lot of them. Why? I don't know. It's either their activity or mostly stupidity.

To be honest, I seriously get this feeling that our generation is completely fucked up. Sometimes, I have a hard time understanding people's silly behavior, their fucked up talks, and concepts which are nothing but a deep shithole. I don't get it. The youth is going nuts. The men, women, social justice warriors, feminists, Agenders, genderless, Androgynes, Bigenders, Genderqueers, non-binaries, Gender benders, Pangenders, Queer heterosexuals, Third genders, Trans man, Trans woman, Transmasculine, Transfeminine, Trigenders, and Two-Spirts, almost everyone is fucking up with something.

If this isn't fucked up, then I don't know what else is. The amount of useless complexity that we've brought is fucking up with everything.

On one side, we've got people who are working their asses off, learning things, building something useful, trying to create something that matters, and on the other hand, we've got people who are fucking up with their life on the social media, deleting their Instagram posts, and feeling insecure, because they think, their girlfriend might end up sucking someone else's dick.

Not much fucks do I give to them but, that's so fucked up and bullshit.

I won't lie but, I've lost my enthusiasm when it comes to talking or texting. I don't like it. I pretend that I enjoy talking but, it hardly happens. I'm literally on the edge where all I want to do is avoid conversations, especially, with the people who have got zero sense of humor.

Another thing that's messing up with my mind is the people who are uselessly pretending to be cool on the social media platforms, for no fucking reason. There are a vast majority of people who are just bunch of sensitive pussies, who feel offended by everything.

So, I'd be completely wrong if I don't say that there is nothing wrong with our generation.

I don't know what I can do or, pretend to do about it because most of the time I stay calm and ignore so many things, but sometimes I feel shits are going above the head.

The only reason I'm taking this break is that I'm done dealing with morons.

I've decided to spend my time reading books, coding, crafting blog posts, and learning things which matters. Till now, things are going well. It feels good and enough to spend your time doing something you actually like.

Sooner or later, I'll be back to these places because of my work. Till then, I'll enjoy my time.


Sarahah,, and Life

Life changes. So does people's choice and their priorities. But maybe one thing that stays forever and it's nothing other than the question - "what other thinks about me?"

"Well, I don't care what others think about me. I don't give a fuck..." said each and, every lad who was partially or, fully active on the sites like Sarahah and, to get "constructive criticism" for their face, charm, beauty, life and, their dick.

Being a human with double standard has become our lifestyle. People are doing everything to make them feel good. Either it's masturbation, or liking their own profile picture on the social media or anything that is considered as "cool".

I feel weird when I see people going completely nuts for such things.

To be honest, I don't see any reason why people want to get "constructive" yet "anonymous" criticism in their life? I see no achievement, no fun, no enthusiasm, no lesson, and no knowledge.

Is the time too cheap to waste? Well, who knows. Almost everyone is trying to kill their time in the worst way possible. Maybe for them, it's cheap, but, for me, it's not. And when I see people wasting their time, I feel a little bad from the inside because I hate seeing them doing weird shits for no reason. It's not fun watching your own colleagues killing their time when they could spend it wisely and learn something new, every day!

Although, the fad of using Sarahah is low now but, it's still there. It was viral a few days back. Nearly everyone I knew was posting the screenshots of the fake criticism they get on and for their shithole life. It pissed me off, completely!

The only reason I'm writing this post is to tell everyone what I feel about these sites and people who use them. Even though I've no hard feelings for anyone but what the actual fuck are they doing?

Life, Decisions, and Programming!

I love writing code, more than anything or anyone. But the sole reason for writing this is not to express my love towards anything.

A few days back, I was thinking about my life - since, I decided not to join any college, so things were not really in my favor. But, never in my life, I felt that I can't do something. I live a positive life. I believe in myself. I trust my capabilities. No, I'm not saying all these things because I'm overconfident related to my decision of staying home and studying everything from the Internet. I'm writing it because I feel and believe that I can do better even if I don't attend any college. And to be honest, several times in the past I've done things which are helping me today to make this decision. Moreover, I don't think colleges are the only factor if you want to be good in something.

I'm not against Colleges or Universities. I'm not against anything. But once in my life, I wanted to do something which I felt will make things right for me, so I decided to stay at home and study all by myself.

So, what is the main reason for writing this post? To be honest, the only reason I'm writing this so that people can stop asking me what I'm doing or how I'm studying things from the Internet. Answering the same thing over and over again is not productive. It kills a lot of time.Another reason is that I'll try to make few points clear related to my studies, which is not really important but I guess, it will help someone who wants to learn things even without going to the College.

So, this year, most of my friends (all) left this place for higher education, mostly for engineering.

I feel happy for them. After all, those fuckers are going to be good in Programming and, they'll even have a degree. Which is a plus point for them? I think, yes. But I'm not really sure about it.

When all these things were happening, an idea came to my mind and, it was - "Let's complete some of the online courses in a short period of time." It wasn't a bad thought. So, without wasting my time, I decided to start it but I had no idea from where should I begin. Yes, even after spending so much time writing code, I still get confused when it comes to choosing the right platform because there are too much of them.

Well, I decided to go little down and begin from the Codecademy and complete their each and, every course. I'm not a beginner in Programming, I already know how to code, but I want to do this because why not? It's always good to test how much patience you've in you. And doing something you already know - I think it's quite contradictory to what I said earlier because I'm doing the same thing but the only difference is that I'm not giving it too much time and, I'm doing other things as well.

In the upcoming 2-3 months, I will try (I'll) finish most of the free online courses because I want to collect the badges and certificates they provide. Finally, I will continue my FCC Journey from where I'll get some really important certificates.

Another important thing, I'm just not studying one thing. I do multiple of things and I really enjoy them all. Multitasking isn't' a bad thing.

I'm hoping for the best and working hard for it. Let's see what happens.

You can check what I'm doing - For the sake of Programming